Grind the Latch

Turn on the car.  Turn up the radio.  This is my jam!  ♫♫♫  It is hot and I am sweating and I should probably turn on the a.c., but when my jam is on it is so much more enjoyable with the windows rolled down and my curls blowing everywhere due to wind.  Who cares that I will look like a troll doll and need to readjust before leaving the car?  For my jam it is worth it.

I never was a club dancer.  I do love to dance salsa, ballroom, soul ballroom, ballroom hustles and hustles.  I have never been a fist pump, twerk or grind dancer.  Not my thing.  But in the car… you hit every note and every move.  You become a new person.  Or the person you keep down inside of your secret soul.  You know… the one you only break out when alone or with your super besty best friend.  The songstress in the shower.  The break dancer when butt naked alone.  (eww!)  But… it’s your home.  Or maybe it isn’t.  Just don’t get caught.

So we’re singing!  And we’re dancing!  And the hair is flying.  And the hands are in the air.  Waving like I just don’t care.  But then you catch the wheel, before you hit a car.  Everybody say “oh yeah!  oh yeah!”  Okay.  Only one-handed dancing.

Ooo!  It is even better when you are driving fast down the freeway.  Or, back where I am from, you’ll be dancing at the red light.  Then somebody in the next car sees you and starts dancing with you.  Especially great if it is the same song!  And look.  You just made a car buddy.


“I’m so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch.  Feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch.  How do you do it, you got me losing every breath.  What did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest?”     

     –  Disclosure


Anyways… I love a good jam in the car.  I feel so free.

So… what is your favorite car jam?  Or do you break loose more in the shower or when you’re not alone?  Do you have a singing or dancing — act a fool crazy buddy?

Shake what your mama gave you but… don’t crash into anyone.




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