Do Opposites Attract?

Are you in a relationship, married or attracted to someone who is very similar or different from you?  Do you have many things in common but have many individual traits as well that have bonded you?

Isn’t it exciting finding someone like you that just gets how you are?  They understand the way you think and they enjoy what you enjoy so there is no conflict in there.  Or is it more fun to build with someone who is polar opposite — or… a breath of fresh air?  Someone that brings new discoveries and adventures to your life that you two can share together?

Personally, I like a little of both.  But what I find is that if someone is like me in many ways, we might get on each other’s nerves a lot.  Or… if we are too different, we bump heads from the lack of understanding one another.  There has to be that perfect balance of similarity, differences and acceptance that you are going to get on my nerves because we are/becoming close.

But…  I once met someone who popped, sparkled and buzzed electricity all through me.  Fortunately that didn’t last long.  Because I just left a relationship and he was transitioning out of a relationship.  We were like 18.  Mistakes happen.  That’s life.

I also have met someone who intrigued my heart and mind and… I don’t think this person will ever leave my spirit.  You ever watch  movies, read books or have your own personal experience where… there is a person that will always be that ONE.  And this is not based on some high school puppy love.  This is… someone that I connected will on so many levels.  Like… this person set the bar.  But… life had it where we could not connect for the rest of our lives together.  But forever my life is changed by this person. *le sigh*

How about this — have you ever hated someone, really couldn’t stand to be around them or hear them?  Everything they did bothered you yet for some reason, somehow, you fell for them?  And you aren’t in the 5th grade?  Because omgosh this boy that grew into being my best friend started as this boy who poked me with pencils when he purposely sat behind me in class starting at age 11.  We spent the next 10 years getting to know one another and using each other to escape the homes we didn’t love.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

     – Kautilya

And it is so true.  Most people connect based on negativity rather than positivity.  It is a sad thing but it is the way of life.  Like I became good friends with an ex girlfriend of my ex boyfriend.  Mainly because we both couldn’t stand him.  Ugh!  But then I found out how much I really don’t like her.  And that ended.


Why do you connect with those that you do?  Is it love?  A mutual hate?  A slowly grown interest?  An instant attraction or connection?  Is there really a magnetic foundation or just convenience of a relationship?

The world may never know.






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